Where possible we ask for feedback on our events through questionnaires and filmed testimonials. The questionnaires asked people to agree or disagree with 3 statements on a scale of 1 to 5, then offer a free text box to explain their answers. Responses so far have been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Agreement is almost universal that Celebrity Culture Club valuably brings together those working in media and academia to exchange their different perspectives and expertise on celebrity culture.

  • The great majority agree that the Celebrity Culture Club made them think differently about the topics discussed, and that the new perspectives they gained may have an impact on their approach to work. 

  • In the free text comments many who did not feel that the event made them think differently explained that this was because the discussion gave them a deeper understand of views they already held. 

The questionnaires reveal that audience members have come from diverse fields including publishing, marketing, copywriting, newspaper reporting, social media strategy, graphic design, research consultancy, television, consumer insight, arts administration, social policy consultancy, government and public sector, social work, fine art, psychiatry, medicine and academia.

1. This event sought to bring those working in media and academia together to exchange their different perspectives and expertise on celebrity culture. Would you say that is valuable?

2. Today’s event made me think differently about the topic discussed

3. The new perspectives I gained from today’s event could have an impact upon my approach at work